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AI usage

Do you guys run AI for the entirety of your cycles/blasts?
I just ran 1G test e for 14 weeks and had no nipple sensitivity etc, am just wondering if having high estrogen is a bad thing if I'm not experiencing the typical side effects?

From my research things like Arimidex are really NOT good for you, so my view is whats the point of taking more drugs unless I absolutely have to?

Any input appreciated!

Yeah, I normally run an AI on cycle. Typically 12.5-25mg/week of Aromasin depending on what my Test dosage is.

Your view is not wrong at all; it is actually 100% correct. You don't want to run an AI if you don't have to. You don't really want to run any ancillary if you don't have to.

The difference here is what "have to" means to you. If you go get bloodwork, it comes back and shows your E2 is fine, then you are good to go ans shouldn't add an AI. But this seems more like "Oh, I feel fine, so I am fine!" and that is a dangerous road to go down. When you start growing tits because your estrogen is out of control, then proceed to crash it in a scramble to prevent the gyno which will make you feel like complete shit, you will understand why you want to get this tested.

Either way; I would suggest always having some on hand just in case. Even if you doubt you would use it, it is still cheap and worth $30 to not have to worry about it if you do need it. It's one of those "You don't need it until you need it. But when you need it; you need it NOW!" You would likely be agonizing over the time it takes to ship to you, as well as desperate and trying sources that you wouldn't normally use.

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