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Adex vs Aromasin

Anybody have opinions using Adex vs Aromain long term? I’ll be going back to a cruise and I’m thinking about using Adex. I like to cruise too of natty levels and need Aromasin 12.5mg once a week to keep e2 in check. My goal is to keep lipids best in check, also I’ve read Aromasin can be hard on the hair slightly vs Adex. Any opinions/long term experiences?

I've used asin exclusively for 2 years, 2-3x per week depending on the cycle, and never had any issues. then again I can run plenty of DHT without hairloss too

I’ve used aromasin for going on 4 years on every blast. During my cruise, I run adex. It’s preference but also the rebound hits harder with adex.

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