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Any experiences with high dose Fina/Dura?

Due to it being massively cheaper I am going to go with raws for either of these (Probably Fina, unless someone has convincing reasons to go Dura) but the doses being .5 - 1mg daily will make dosing it verrryyyyyyy difficult. My scale is quite accurate but it doesn't begin registering weight until 5mg is on the damn thing.

So my thought here is, 5mg dose of Fina (or Dura?) every 3rd day... Reasonable? I cannot find any info on this. Hair forums only want to talk about the prescriptions and the doctor recommended doses blah blah blah nobody wants to experiment.

Just suspend it in a solution. Not 100% sure if it’s stable in liquid but you could always check. Would be the easiest way to go about dosing properly.

Please dont do that! Taking 5mg at once "every few days" over a .5mg rec'd dose is very, very unwise. Just because it is once a week doesnt change the fact that it is a 10 fold increase in dose, which would certainly increase toxicity and anything else bad.
I would suggest making a solution like stated above, theres plenty of tutorials on that.
If you really arent comfortable doing that, before you take a whole 5mg, at least get a good scale, this one Ive used and is okay~American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

Weigh out 5mg (.005), then divide the 5mg into 5 equal parts, weigh those parts again to verify .001 (the reason i say to do it this way is because cheap scales shouldnt be trusted (variations up to .003~) and this way you know you have 5mg rather than a much harder to register 1mg, then you just confirm those divided groups.)
So .005 --> split 5, weigh 5 .001s, then split those accordingly (ex: .5mg would mean to split the .001s in two groups, .25 would be .001 / 4..etc). This is not the most accurate method, but in the name of harm REDUCTION, its better than downing 10x the recommended dose.

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