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Any steroids to grow dick size?

6'4 with a 4.5-5inch dick. early 20's, is it too late for that? Anything I can run to make it bigger?

Just bang small girls. Hhaha my gf is 4’11 and im 6’1. Regular pp looks like big pp in her mouth.

(03-17-2019, 06:31 AM)Thatdude1776 Wrote: Just bang small girls. Hhaha my gf is 4’11 and im 6’1. Regular pp looks like big pp in her mouth.

Lmao, my ex was 5'1", still was small, and I broke her hymen. Might just need Cialis, my Erections are rarely full.

The trick is to inject your gear riiiiiiggt into the pee hole. This always worked for me but ymmv

High amounts of GH and jelqing. Trust me Wink

Transgender men use a DHT lotion applied directly to the genitals to grow their penis. heres an article about it

I would buy raw DHT powder and mix it with a scent/irritant free lotion (in the proper measurements of course) and apply.

Too bad no sources on here have the DHT stuff as far as I know. I guess being tall and having a big dick is a myth.

HGH can [debatedly] make you grow a bit. At 20, idk. A friend was on hgh when he was about 16 and he said it definitely did make it bigger, not drastically but added something

Halotestin has a strong tendency toward phallic enlargement, and is prescribed for this use. I don't know if it's actually effective in post-pubertal males though... If I had unlimited time and budget, I'd do this:
- Topical DHT cream on dick
- Low-dose Halo for several weeks at a time (on and off)
- Some GH
- Daily Cialis
- Jelqing and other penis exercices
Never even thought of trying such a thing, but I can imagine it making a difference in a year or 2.

Yeah dick can definitely grow with jelqing. I notice I’m bigger and veinier on winny and mast. FWIW I did GH blacktops and MK for 4 months at 4-5iu’s ED but never saw dick gains. Best thing you could do for size is drop bf% and take your cia everyday

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