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Colonial Labs Test Prop 200

This is by far the most painless test prop I've ever ran, period. I've had 100mg prop that would tear your arm off and with CL's prop at 200mg/mL I could do a quad shot, wake up in the morning, punch myself in the leg, and head out for some cardio like nothing happened. I emphasize this because I know many of you want the most painless gear you can find. I actually like PIP and remember giving CL shit because he cheated me out of it,haha. Guess it's just an old school thing. At 350mg/week labido is strong and at 49yrs. that's saying something. The prop is supporting his tren A I'm running along side of it extremely well. No sides to speak of at that dosage obviously as estrogen/water retention is non existant. At 200mg/mL the gear has held/holding in solution just fine. Same applies with his tren A 200mg/mL.
Will be adding his mast prop soon so stay tuned for a review on that as well.

CL You've done it again. Great job!
Thanks again

Man, I’m super glad to hear all that! I took my time with perfecting the high MG recipes. I’m glad you’re loving the gear! Thank you for the feedback and keep your eye out for more high mg oils coming soon.

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