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Cycle aid supplements

Hey guys
When I start taking winstrol next month, I have my normal protocol. But I was wondering what your guys opinions are on regular supplements for cycle support.
Been thinking about getting the 5% cycle support stack. Comes with his liver and organ defender. A insulin minicar. And his “PCT” in a bottle
Are these useless compared to what we can buy from our guys on here?

5% stuffs shit. For health supplements go for revive, Project AD and TrainedbyJp's supplement line.

General health sups I run and recommend others run year round
Nac 600mg ED, 2.4g when on orals (Tudca is a good option too with orals)
Coq10 200mg
Omega 3 3g
Glucosamine 3g
Zinc 50mg
Vit D 10000iu
Vit A 10000 iu

If fasted glucose is a concern or you're on GH consider adding berberine at 600mg, increase as needed.

Carditone is highly recomended. I just started it so can't say for myself but you can look it up.

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