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Dragon Ordnance International - Test E & Tbol

Ordered 8x 10ml vials of test E 250mg/ml, plus 100 tbol tabs.

There is something not right about the test E. It's a little bit unpleasant going in and then the pip is savage for the next few days. Even worse are the flu like symptoms, within twelve hours of the first pin (2ml - quad) I was feeling it bad. Feinted on OHP and had to take the next day off work so I could spend it in bed shivering.

No heat or inflammation around the injection site, no lumps either. I've persevered and pinned three times because Dragon Ordnance has a great rep but the effect has been the same, albeit slightly reduced as I pinned the next two at 1ml in VG.

I've labmaxed it and it comes out as testosterone of some sort. Could be acetate or enanthate as they both present basically the same. I've never tried test A so I have no idea if this sort of pip is normal for that; but if this really is test E, it is by orders of magnitude the worst test E I have ever used.

As for the tbol, who knows. I had a nice bit of aggression and energy after the first one, but since then it's been overshadowed by the test.

I emailed the source asking if he knew about a mixed up batch or anything but no response. I can't believe that this is normal test E for Dragon Ordnance otherwise his rep would be in the toilet.

I don't want to jump in here pissing on the name of someone respected, but this shit has got me really fucked up.

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