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Dragon Ordnance Saizen / Southern Compounding Misc.

Dragon Ordnance

Ordered quite a few kits of saizen from DO. Took a bit to get here but he gave me some store credit for the hassle. Ordered some raloxifene with the credit and was here within a week.

The saizen gave me typical growth side effects including carpel tunnel, swelling and sleepiness. I gained about 15 lbs of water weight within a couple weeks of starting it despite eating at a deficit. I'm running 4 - 5 iu a day. I will be getting bloodwork soon as well and will post the results of my igf levels etc when I do.

In terms of the raloxifene, my nipples had been getting a bit sore even though my estrogen and prolactin were normal because I am sensitive to gyno. I started taking DO's raloxifene about a week ago and the pain has subsided very quickly so I'd say that is good to go.

Southern Compounding

T/A was very quick - I believe I got the pack within 3 days of ordering. I ordered Tren E, and caber. I'm going into the 4th week of the Tren E running around 600mg a week and it is definitely legit from my experiences. My traps and shoulders have have inflated in a matter of weeks and strength is up as well. In terms of sides I just had the first case of tren sweats and my woman is letting me know that my sweat is starting to smell like toxic waste. She's the best indicator of checking if my tren is legit. The caber I ordered is legit as well because I am very sensitive to tren gyno / lactation and I haven't had a drop of it.

Overall good experience with both sources and will hopefully have some lab work up soon

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