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Format problem

ORIGINAL:Every time I paste the format on my ADD a thread it covers up the post button

I have a screenshot of the problem /ORIGINAL

Blood Work Review
Link to blood work : // Imgur Link to bloods //
Source : // text //
Running testosterone : // yes/no //
Ester : // text //
Weekly dosage : // text //
Product(s) run other than test : // text //
Weekly dosage(s) : // text //
Number of weeks run : // text //
Draw time after last pin : // text //
Blood Results
Test reading in ng/dL : // text //
Test multiplier : // text //
Capped at >1500 : // yes/no //
E2 reading : // text //
Liver/lipids elevated : // text //

* I am small
* I don't even lift
* Why is my blood the consistency of yogurt? Pls halp

Are you on mobile? If yes, try on your desktop.

If that doesn't work try unplugging it and plugging it back in.

After that I'm out of options...

I assume you're saying you couldn't post the code to get the bloodwork table to show, so I've edited your post to add it in and hopefully you'll be able to properly edit it now. If you're still having issues, try clicking 'full edit' as opposed to 'quick edit', and you'll be redirected to a full page instead of just the little quick reply box that's difficult to scroll in on mobile.

Hope that helps, let me know if you need something else.

I'll also edit your title accordingly when you've edited your post.

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