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General consensus on Trestolone (MENT)?

Those who have given this compound a go, what did you think of it as far as:
-Pros/ cons
-Comparison to other hormones you've ran (Tren, test, deca etc)
-Gains you experienced
-How hard is it to control the sides from estrogen
-Other side effects (anger, hunger, libido etc)

Edit: I am also a low aromatizer. I run 750-1g test and don't seem to need any AI at all (luckily). So this is one of the reasons I am realizing MENT might be for me, and am just curious.

Ment is completely overhyped and expensive, was on 100mg a day had no signs of any insane strength or aggression, didn’t really aromatize, got it from a very reputable source from sst that’s still currently on here so I just dropped the compound because I highly doubted it was bunk. But I could have just been a non responder as well if it was as great as it looks on paper more people would be on it especially since you don’t need to run test with it. If I could choose any compound to put above all it would definitely have to be tren, my preference is E but that’s because I get Next to no sides where ace makes me try to murder people

At work but will be revisiting this and Discussing a stack that I think you will love that includes MENT , moderate dosages of three compounds - you will grow like a weed if your diet and training are in check

I think it’s overhyped and expensive too. All it really did for me was bloat me the fuck up and give me some painful acne even on 25mg/day.

I’ve tried it. It packs on size but a ton of bloat. Would I use again? Nope.

Test/tren/EQ would be better. Want a little bit of bloat? Throw in some slin lol

I had a good time with Trest put on a lot of size fast but for me personally I could not handle the aromatization at 350mg/week. The acne and bloating were out of control.

To me I would compare it to some sort of injectible Dbol.

The aromatization is insane but the amount of mass it can pack on is also insane, nothing can pack on more than trestolone. By far and away the best results I ever had was from a TRT test, trestolone, and DHB stack. Yes managing the methyl estrogen was difficult but you make it work (hence TRT test and non-aromatizing DHB).

Also, alone or better yet paired with nandrolone you can put on mass laying in fucking bed 24/7.

It's also very suppressive. It hits a lot of extremes and basically no happy mediums. It's very strong - it's basically wet tren. I often describe it as tren and nandrolone having a baby named trestolone.

Too expensive, too overhyped, too wet for my taste. It sounded good on paper, but it is complicated to dial in AI. I rather use good old test/deca/tren, cheap, reliable, proven.

But each to his own of course.

(04-24-2019, 02:15 AM)cmlaracy Wrote: Also, alone or better yet paired with nandrolone you can put on mass laying in fucking bed 24/7.

Just to be sure, I need to fuck in the bed for them gains?

Stack these three compounds MENT dosed at 30-50mg a day (for the love of god please start low ) , test , and tren. I would run the test at 350-500, and the tren at 350-525 a week. You will grow like a weed assuming diet and training are in check. Take ralox iif you have concerns over gyno (ralox does nolvas job better here ) from the beginning and add in a small dose of an AI ***IF **** you start to get sides ... medium / higher estrogen is vital for growth but there is a difference between high and TOO high. Get blood work to double check estro 3-4 weeks in or if significant sides manifest. This stack literally does everything - it’s not a precontest stack at all but it produces a really nice look all the same for off season.

One of the big reasons MENT works so well is that you don’t have to worry about SHBG with it. People that don’t grow well on it 9 times out of 10 it’s usually because they hear all this crap about how horrible the methyl estrogen is and how they will turn into a water balloon etc etc so they dose aromasin / Arimidex out of the gate and drive estro down without even seeing what their response is and they also are taking too much ... “Whats that ? You started at 50-100mg a day because more is better and now you’re growing tits out on your forehead? Well no fucking shit Timmy , you’re going to have problems.” especially for a first run with it. Start at 30 a day... fuck even 10mg a day will produce visible changes. If you want, you can also take Boron 6mg as well as it will reduce your SHBG and help the test go further.

I’d just avoid it. You’ll probably be saying the same thing as most people here if you did use it, unless you do the above dosage of 30-50mgs a day. Even then it’s pointless.

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