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Getting sick of pinning

I know it comes with the territory but I’m getting sick of the frequency of pinning. I’m trying to switch to slin pins because a buddy told me that it greatly eases the frustration. My question is, what are you guys using to pin through a slin? The smallest needle I can go is 23 and i have to heat the shit out of it to push it through. I think it’s a grape seed oil test e.

Right now I’m cruising but I’m planning on doing a blast soon with test tren and mast.

25 gage doesn’t cause me pain and I pin pretty frequently.

Are you using grape seed oil or Mct oil based test e and stuff? I can barely push it through a 23

(03-26-2020, 05:31 AM)MagicSkeez Wrote: Are you using grape seed oil or Mct oil based test e and stuff? I can barely push it through a 23
I push GSO and MCT through 27g

Same. No trouble pushing GSO or MCT through 25 gage.

I run nothing larger than 28g for ANYWHERE on my body.
Painless, effortless.

28g 3/4” for quads / glutes
30g 1/2” for delts

Don’t need to backload because they’re not insulin pins.
I load with 25g.
I warm up the oil, and push it through. I have no problems going slowly when injecting the oil.
Less damage less pip when going slow for me.

Best decision I ever made.

I've been using anywhere from 27 to 31 slin pins. Can't go over 1ml obviously but I can hardly feel em.

30 gauge insulin pins, oil heated on a wax warmer before injection. It's slow, but it happens.

22g draw and 25g pin With no issues. Test e 250 mct.

Drawing GSO takes longer, but it can be done with a 25g needle, you just have to be patient.

For injecting I use a 3cc bd syringe with 27g x 0.5 or 0.75" needle depending on where I'm injecting.

You can push GSO through a 29g needle, but it comes out drop by drop and it makes it difficult if you're injecting hard to reach places. I find the 27g to be a faster flowing needle and even though it's not as gentle as a 29g, it's that faster flow rate that allows me to hold the syringe steady while I inject with one hand.

I recently bought 6000 needles, 3000 27g injection and 3000 25g draw needles, that's how sure I am they work. I don't like using bigger needles for drawing through my stoppers because of the risk of coring, getting microscopic rubber particles in my oil.

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