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Getting sick of pinning

(03-26-2020, 05:00 AM)MagicSkeez Wrote: I know it comes with the territory but I’m getting sick of the frequency of pinning. I’m trying to switch to slin pins because a buddy told me that it greatly eases the frustration. My question is, what are you guys using to pin through a slin? The smallest needle I can go is 23 and i have to heat the shit out of it to push it through. I think it’s a grape seed oil test e.

Right now I’m cruising but I’m planning on doing a blast soon with test tren and mast.

Use products that are of the enanthate variety, and pin once a week, that is good. No need to pin ED or E3.5D. Cruise or Blast. Only reason why I split it up is because of the damn volume, I'm not pushing in 6mls in one spot.

I don’t mess with the slin pins anymore because Of how long it takes to draw.

I buy the standard syringe with a 18g need to draw then I buy a 27g 1/2” to pin. Solves all your problems that come with using a smaller needle.

I buy from syringe needle depot.

I use GSO and MCT through a 31g 5/16 1cc slin pin.

Any liquid will go through any size needle, it’s just a matter of how fast or slow it’ll happen, my injections take about 1 minute if I’m doing a whole pin.

I pin MCT and Mig through a 28g slin pin all the time now. I do quad and shoulder injections and have never had any issues pinning those oils even without warming them.

I use 31 ga 1/2” when cruising, takes forever to draw but pins just fine because of how narrow the barrel of the slin pin is. I use the same when blasting short esters but I backfill a week at a time instead of drawing with the slin pin. When I’m blasting long esters I use a 3ml 1” 25ga

28g insulin needle, works fine even with castor oil as I heat everything with a candle warmer.

I use a 23g. Rotate quads, delts, lats, and now VG. Could use a 25g with a 22g to draw but this seems to be the best compromise between drawing and injecting.

Obviously not sick of pinning lol, but ought to run enthanate.

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