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Gyno Issues


Age: 26
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 240

Past cycles (I run 1 cycle a year and always PCT after)

1st - Test E 500/week for 12 weeks
2nd - Same as 1st
3rd - Dbol 1-4 and Test E 500/week 1-12

4th (Current Cycle) - Test E 400/week 1-12
Mast E 300/week 1-12
HCG 500iu/week 1-12
Aromasin 12.5 EOD 1-14

I did the HCG and aromasin the same in the other cycles. Bloodwork after 8 weeks in last cycle had my estradiol at 52.

Problem: I’m week 6 in my cycle. I’ve had a pea-sized lump come up under my left nipple. Other nipple has a rigid feel that seems gyno-like around the nipple. From my research it seems I need to take letro or nolvadex for a period of time until it subsides. What do you guys suggest? What dosage?

Also, do I need to up the aromasin dosage? To what? Could I possibly up the masteron intake to help? Lower the test?

I get my bloodwork done Monday. Just looking for some insight on what to do until then.

Thanks for any input

10 days of 60mg ralox, drop down to 30mg daily until gyno is gone. Do it quick before that shit hardens up.

Aromasin sucks for keeping gyno at bar/reversing gyno symptoms.

I prefer Nolva(or ralox like mentioned above) 40mg for a day or two, 20mg for a few days(till sensitivity subsides) then most can chill out at 10mg for the remainder.

Also do NOT touch your damn nipple at all for any reason. Stop feeling for lumps, stop poking it, stop touching it at all. It becomes nearly impossible to tell if it is stopping, or if you are causing sensitivity.


Thanks for the input. I’ve got nolvadex on hand. I’ll keep some ralox on hand for future cycles. I’ll roll with the nolva for now. I appreciate the insight on the matter. I’ll quit feeling on them and being paranoid! Haha

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