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Yo guys need some insight on HCG after cycle or however it should be cycled best. Always thought it was for after cycle/ with pct. currently running sust @ 500mg a week and tren A @ 250 a week.
Never really ran pct in the past few lil cycles I’ve done. I know probably not the smartest but I was young and misinformed. However bloods were normal after 6 months and everything was fine before I started current cycle.
Just want some info on HCG how to run it and what to pct on it with
Thanks sst fam

My understanding is HCG is not generally used as a PCT drug (Im not going to speak in absolutes because there may be some guys in here that have had great success using it in PCT). BUT, my readings have lead me to understand that its generally used during cycle or towards the end of a cycle to keep your testicles active and sensitive for the coming PCT. Ive only ever used it to increase fertility while on cycle, and it worked awesome, but Ive been a blaster and cruiser so PCT has never been my strong point. If I were to use it though I would personally use it intra cycle to keep my balls alive, and then cease use right before I started PCT. Im a less is more guy also so I would probably stick in the 500iu x 3 x week. Again, thats pure conjecture on my part based off reading. Hopefully someone with more experience can help.

Is it intramuscular

(03-26-2020, 08:42 PM)Nickg1121 Wrote: Is it intramuscular

It can either be injected intramuscularly or subcutaneously. Some research seems to show that hcg is more bioavailable when injected into the muscle, so I would go that route if possible. I've shot it subq in the past and still gotten effects, but next time I plan to try IM injections and see if I get more bang for the buck.

Best option: Start hCG when you start cycle, stop before you start PCT

Next best option: Start hCG mid or end cycle, stop before you start PCT

Worst option, negative impact: Start hCG with PCT

200-300IU, 2-3x/wk. Subq in the stomach (or subq anywhere, but stomach is common and easy). IM is unnecessary.

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