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HCG help

How do you use HCG for dummies/beginners

I think youre probably going to get a wide range of answers on that. Essentially theres people that adhere to lower doses, and people that use middle of the road doses, and those that use huge doses. None are really wrong especially based off the latest research indicating there may NOT be issues with sensitivity due to administering exogenous HCG. I can only speak personally and tell you I have used HCG for the single purpose of trying to increase fertility so we could have kids. Both times it worked wonders. Both times I used 3 doses of 500iu weekly for a period of 3 weeks (it only took that long to increase my sperm count and for us to get prego).

In the abstract, I see alot of people using it DURING cycle at lowish doses (250 to 500iu) 3 times a week to keep the testicles active and thus making PCT easier, but ive been a blaster and cruiser for 8 years now so im not well educated in that realm. My only only advice is im a "less is more" kinda guy. Find the minimum dose that gives you what you want and stick with it.

I agree with everything the previous guy said.

I personally find that while on cycle, HCG used for 500IU 2x/week keeps my testicles about 80% size which is good enough for me.

Keep in mind it is clinically used in doses 1,000IU and above. So I would rather do 750 2x/week than do 250 3x/week - because it is more similar to the proven clinical use.

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