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How do you sterilize and test for heavy metals at home?

Good day everyone, I am new to this forum. To preserve my testicular function during this pandemic, I decided to run a mild cycle. Anyways, my first order should be coming in today and I would like to ask if there's any at-home kit that tests the vial for heavy metals like mercury. I am also wondering if it is possible to use a sterilizing UV source to kill any bacteria or viruses that may be in the vial. Thank you guys for your input.

The filtering and the ba should eliminate viruses, there is no way to test for heavy metals at home, but rest assured Janoshik stopped testing for them because they were never present in Chinese powder. If you are worried that your gear isn’t properly filtered you can filter it again at home. Syringe filters work but with the .2 micron filter you will not enjoy the process.

Edit:I guess corona virus particles are smaller than .2, but the oils are also heat treated before filtering Also what are you talking about preserving testicular function, any amount of exogenous test will fully shut down your natural production.

Candle warmer at 150F for 40 minutes should make sure that anything that might be in the oil is non-viable.

Heat sterilization is the only full proof way to ensure pathogens both virus and bacteria are unable to infect.

I wouldn't worry about heavy metals, but then again I always buy from the same lab that accounts for most of what you buy on these forums.

UGL is what it is, you take it or you go to a doctor and get the stuff you feel safest with.

When I was buying from other sources and not brewing myself I always heated them up for about 40 minutes on a candle warmer before I ever used the vial, I'd never inject anything without heat sterilizing. Filters by themselves will never completely produce a product that is 100% sterile, but with heat I feel very safe.

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