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I'm also going to do a prep log

So I saw one guy mentioned he was doing a log for his prep. I just started my prep too so I thought I'd pitch in as well.

Current BW: 220lbs
Height: 5'10
Doing Classic Physique

Currently on 250mg test as a cruise dose.

Starting 18wks out
Weeks 1-6: 500mg Test E/wk
Week 7-10: drop Test to 400/wk Add in 500mg/wk DHB
Week 11-16: Add in 400/wk Tren A/Mast P
Week 17 and 18 add in 20mg/day of halo, bumping to 30mg the last 5-7 days.
Cutting test and DHB a week out and Tren/Mast 3-5 days out depending on welting

Using Aromasin as needed. I don't like to overuse it except at the end because increased estrogen within reason helps me maintain strength better in prep

Currently eating 3300 calories, 270 protein, 425 carbs 55 fat
Rest days it's 270 protein 150 carbs and 125 fat

Training Full Body Fortitude Style Training 4 days a week. Currently no cardio, just keeping a steady activity level at 10,000 steps per day.

Goal is around 190-195 depleted and step on stage around 200

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