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Inj. SDrol experience

So in regard to superdrol injections. I'm assuming people are going subq with it unless running it with something else. From what I've heard 10mg is like 15mg, 20mg like 25mg ect.. compared to tablet form. This would be one time I'd stay strict to low GI carbs to allow a slow and steady release of insulin throughout the day in hopes to avoid going hypo.

I did injectable Sdrol recently and just did 20mg IM in my shoulders with a slin pin 1 hour pre workout. Was quite a glorious cycle. I honestly didnt notice any significant difference between injectable and oral and I used the same dose. I just use inj because I have to take a medication that can mess up oral AAS absorption.

Yeah I've been wanting to have a go at this for awhile now so I'm gonna incorporate this into this next run. Slin pin in shoulders sounds like a fine idea. Thanks.

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