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Lets talk about pinning Quads

for the past year i started pinning quads and its been 50/50 with the PIP

one time its no pip and another time pip to a point i cant even do legs

any advice or suggestions bros?

I only had bad injections in my quads, I must have a lot of nerves on the surface of my muscle. Always PIP, and it wanders downwards to the knees the next day(s).

My only advice would be to skip them, why take a 50% chance? There are so many other spots: Delts, Pecs, Lats, Glutes, VG, Triceps are really smooth as hell for me. Biceps are kinda meh, calves are very meh, Traps are okay-ish.

Where exactly are you injecting? I hit nerves occasionally, where I get the little twitch, but I've never had actual pip when jabbing my quads. just for clarification, I go in the outer side, middle third more towards the top/hip.

On the other hand, I recently started pinning pecs and I always feel those for a couple days.

I think everyone is different. I've been on TRT for three years, and blast once or twice a year. Primarily pin once a week per quad, and rarely have PIP unless I'm pinning 2 cc... That said, I suck at pinning glutes, and am 3 for 4 with PIP. Even gave myself cellulitis pn my second pin. Could have been shit gear, but it as most likely user error.

For me if you're looking at your quad as a clock. I pin directly at the 12oclock position on the upper third closest to the hip and I haven't had any issues with hitting nerves or pip there.

(04-16-2019, 03:56 PM)eyetest1 Wrote: for the past year i started pinning quads and its been 50/50 with the PIP

one time its no pip and another time pip to a point i cant even do legs

any advice or suggestions bros?

This happened to me awhile back too. 1 went perfect no pip at all, the next pip was like hell for no reason couldn't work out as well.
I don't know how people pin their own lats and where on the triceps is a good area?

Issue I have is that if I pin the area on top bear the hip and pip usually is delayed until it seems down into the deeper muscles then it seems to fester there. I usually have more success when I mix Masteron in the test E or P shot but I highly doubt I'm doing test P there again. They always seem to need to recover at least a bit before being healed so Test P is long gone but the pain might not be.

If the gear is smooth in other bodyparts then it'll be smooth for my quads. It seems like it's a individual thing. I wonder if maybe muscle insertion may play a role. I do feel there are "sweet" spots for my quads. It's the same for my triceps. Lats tend to give me a good amount of pip even with something like l-carnitine.

If you're trying a different area every time and it still gives you bad pip then maybe you're one of the unlucky ones.

Best method I have found for pinning quads is to use the empty pin cap to press in on your quad to feel for nerves. Quads are rip with nerves and blood vessels, but they are also easily accessible and hold a ton of oil, so very convenient.

I prefer this order for pin spots:

Delts > Pecs > Glutes > Quads > Traps

Normally, I just do Delts when I am cruising (less than 1ml/week doesn't require many different spots), and add in Pecs and Glutes or Quads if I am running a blast. Glutes and Quads if I am running a large blast (>15ml per week). Almost never do Traps, I just have really large Traps and they are easily accessible, so I use them if I am running low on pin spots. I get some PIP though and Trap PIP is annoying AF, so I try to avoid it.

Where do you pin your chest? I just did a tricep injection... didn't hurt at all.... yet.

Just a quick PSA from my perspective. I tried quads with some success when I first got on gear. I generally followed this pic as a guideline.
One day I injected 1.5 ml and I had severe pain in my quad instantly. This wasn't PIP but a pain so bad I couldn't finish the injection. It got better but I was having problems with my leg. The outside head of my quad was atrophying. I went to the doctor and he referred me to a neurologist. After a ton of tests he determined that I had nerve damage to the nerve that controls my Vastus Lateralis. I told him about the injection and he said that quad shots are known to cause issues like this and that the only medical staff that still administer Injections this way are some really old school nurses. He mentioned that nerves have some mobility within the musculature and that there can be enough movement so that a site that has worked in the past will not be a good site tomorrow. Also, this nerve damage has the potential to be permanent as mine is. Needless to say I no longer do quad shots...

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