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Life Insurance

Any of you sell life insurance? Or have gone through the process of the medical portion of getting life insurance? I know there are obvious health markers they will look at - triglycerides, liver enzymes etc. Do they test LH / FSH / Test levels?? Specifically, if my LH / FSH or basically 0 and my test is in normal range, with no TRT Rx.. will they see this and am I fucked?

They don't typically test test levels or FSH and LH. Usually it's lipid profile and certain rec drugs. When I did mine they in it checked for coke. Lol

Cool. Pretty much what I figured, would just to get a surprise like that lol

Nurse came by the house to check blood pressure, heartbeat, listen to the lungs, and then blood work for lipids. Basically mini physical. Term life policies generally don't go through that.

Awesome, thanks guys. Puts my mind at ease a bit

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