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Masteron mood benefits?

I ordered mast, and keep reading everywhere people saying it makes them feel great etc. Could someone elaborate?

makes you look good. lookin good = feelin good BABY.

keeps my sex drive up, dick hard and gives me that confidence/assertiveness specific to DHT compounds, but without the sides that come with something like tren.

Mast is my favorite compound. Nice strength gains, looking like a statue, and horny af

Mast makes me feel amazing and happy. Unfortunately it makes my hair start falling out just by being in the same room so that's sad for me.

It's great. I run it with tren to counteract sides and for looking dry af. Do it.

Running some on top of my trt. Haven't noticed any mental benefits. Maybe it's too low.

I add mast to almost every cycle I run... it seems to just level me out mentally and give me more of an alpha feeling in general. I never run tren or nandrolone without it.

I didn't feel it much until my last dose, go figure. I had like a horny blast for 3 days straight. It felt amazing but I have not since felt the need to use it again.

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