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Misriah’s stuff used for 2 months...

I have been brewing Misriah’s raws for almost two months, maybe longer, and I have to say that everything has been legit. My clients I provide for say that the Cialis is, “uncomfortably awesome” at 20mg a pill. His Aromasin got rid of a bad case of gyno for me when other sources stuff didn’t seem to work well. I provide for about 20 clients around where I live and each one of them comes back for more. I myself have switched fully over to everything that I Brew from Misriah. Right now I am on Test C, Bold C, DHB, Boldenone base/M1T injectable preworkout mix, Aromasin, and Cialis. My girlfriend is using accurate and getting cleared up. The next order contains Turinabol that she is going to use and I’m looking forward to that!

Overall, if you want speedy service, friendly service with occasional discounts, and are skeptical if a raw providers goods are legit, go with Misriah!

Glad everyone loves it! Thank you for the review. Message me for that credit Wink

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