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Misriah Order 12/21 - CONDENSED (SEE POST)

Ordered 12/21, payment confirmed 12/22. Haven’t had an actual email reply from Mis besides the payment confirmation auto-replies. Sent another email following his listed steps so he could easily find the order. Understand he is behind and it has been noted. I see others packs are starting to get in, just making this post to track further activity. Will update if pack arrives or I receive an email back.

This is my original post within his source page, I made a 2nd commenting that this order had still not arrived. So after seeing orders with similar orders dates and significantly afterwards starting to land I question if my pack had ever even been shipped or what’s going on. I understand he’s backed up and the time of year I ordered 2 months early purposely for this reason. So it seems receiving any contact from him is out the question because of how back logged he is.

Creeping up upon the 4 week mark now is a bit excessive, so if a mod can possibly reach out to the source that would be appreciated. Also I have doubled checked the shipping info in the emails to confirm it is correct, steps are followed correctly as I have ordered through them before, and even followed his protocol for him to easily distinguish the order by using the ID and etc. So any follow up would be great because at this point it seems that I’m just out the money. I’m not questioning if he’s shipping packs because I do see people receiving theirs, mine however seems to be in limbo.

Ordered the 30th and got my pack 5 days later. Thought it would take longer since he's so backed up.

I ordered on 12/23 with automatic payment confirmation. Pretty simple order.Never got a reply back on emails. Nothing in the mail.

(01-14-2020, 05:15 PM)retromadness Wrote: Ordered the 30th and got my pack 5 days later. Thought it would take longer since he's so backed up.

I ordered on the 30th as well and haven’t seen anything from him. I did the new website order like MIS said so we’ll see if it comes.

I also ordered on the 30th.. nd ordered from the new site the same order an now it's not the same price. Hope I don't have to go through everything I did... Driving to the next state to buy Bitcoin at atm and paying those fees and everything else to make ANOTHER payment on one that was already processed and was supposed to be here already..

Please see the sources most recent update in relation to pack issues and communications. Please follow the sources instructions to remedy the situation, and update the community accordingly. I appreciate everyone's patience.

Actually there are too many of these threads, but I'm a nice guy and not going to ban anyone for not reading the rules, so I'm just going to close this and one of the other complaint threads and we'll aggregate them into this one:


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