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Misriah Order 12/7 - CONDENSED (SEE POST)

Paid for Primo group buy 12/7.
Zero comms until 1/12, where final payment was requested.
Paid and asked for an ETA. Ignored.
Nothing showing in my Informed Delivery a few days later.
Just did as requested and resubmitted the order through the website with old order’s information.

I’ve seen numerous members receive comms and packs who were part of the group buy, or who ordered well after I did (including when the vendor claimed to be closed) receive their orders. I am just posting this here as I’m fed up with being ignored and given no ETA, including after submitting further payment.

Please see the sources most recent update in relation to pack issues and communications. Please follow the sources instructions to remedy the situation, and update the community accordingly. I appreciate everyone's patience.

Actually there are too many of these threads, but I'm a nice guy and not going to ban anyone for not reading the rules, so I'm just going to close this and one of the other complaint threads and we'll aggregate them into this one:


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