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Misriah review - DHB200, Deca500, mtren injectable

DHB200 - Super thicc oil and very impressed that it held at this concentration. Dhb being one of my favorite compounds to run, I considered it a luxury that I could pin so much with so little oil. I definitely liked combining it along with other oils in my 3cc barrel to reduce any possible pip. That being said, the oil is extremely thicc and pins extremely slow if using anything above a 25g. There was only pip if I used a concentration higher than 1.25cc / pinned anywhere besides my ventroglutes. I know I pinned too much in one go if I had a small lump lasting a few days. (Rather annoying, but manageable) I have no way of testing whether 200mg was in 1 ml, but it definitely felt like it- through the thiccness of the oil, the moderate pip, and night sweats that I get as a side effect.

Deca500 - Amazing compound once again held at a favorable high concentration. Love how a single on of these can last you 10 weeks at 500mg- cheaply priced too. Oil pins moderately slow using a 25g/27g, however there is no pip at all. Overall great experience using this however I decided that I am switching over to shorter ester npp instead. Stay tuned for a review on Misriah's npp200.

Mtren injectable pwo - I have had a great experience using a small amount of this pwo. Immediate strength and aggression, great pumps, and the best part is that a vial of this thing lasts forever. The highest I have dosed is at 1 mg which is a fraction of the oil in here. I love this over any oral mtren- it's less toxic and lasts way longer than anything else.

Link this with your next order, thanks bb

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