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Ran tren for two years straight

Then got blood test. All values were fine. Cholesterol was not bad but not terrible.

ran at 50-100mg per day

Yeah I ended my tren blast about 4 weeks ago, forgot about doc bloods and the only thing affected on my bloodwork was cholesterol and not even that bad. I mentioned we were on vacation the week prior and she just chocked it up to poor diet that week.

How were your sides throughout? Obv not unmanageable or you wouldn't have ran two years.

trens neurotoxicity & oxytocin modulation are what I find more worrisome than anything it could do to bloodwork to be honest. no idea about testing / reversibility of those.

I’m probably getting close to that now. Between 350-800mgs in that timeframe.

I know my last blast of Tren A was 700mg a week for 10 weeks and my total cholesterol went for 180 to 260 which freaked me the fuck out but I also ate a bunch of shitty food during.

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