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SOCO Under-dosed and Wrong Compound - RESOLVED

@Dexter you need to tell Jano if it’s a blend. It also cost more, I would guess (complete guess, no basis) that the person who sent the sample, didn’t mention a blend (would save him money) jano gets weird results, contacts sender and is told it’s a blend and is able to accurately test

There’s a good post on meso from w&m about sender liability in testing. If I go find it I’ll link but pretty much there’s a lot that people mess up on their end that testers have to deal with and use their best judgement for

Good example is if you send a sample from a personal use tren vial, you’ve been blasting and dose test first and the latent oil in the needle is now in your tren. Now jano has contaminated sample and has to figure out are the unexpected results an error from the manufacturing or the sender, it’s complicated

(10-18-2019, 07:29 PM)thallandchill Wrote: No u @superawesomename

Reverse, reverse!

(10-18-2019, 07:45 PM)Dexter Wrote: The problem is where is the original print out Chromatogram from Janoshik. I mean the actual print out from his very printer linked to his analzyer, original copy that came off with a time stamp on it to compare it with the first and second copy from his HPLC analyzer. And he needs to offer up other copies of before and after these tests were ran so we know there's no way he would go to all the work to fake all these reports over the past few weeks.

I mean at this point sending it off for testing is pretty pricey if we're talking testing an oil and not a raw and then there's the issue of human error-pipette technique sucks, random error, systematic error -equipment working like shit, sink testing...ect?

The only way we could have done this test and known for certain was to send it off to two different testers or have it sent two different times and see if Jano gets the same results for both specimens.

Jano said it himself.....he has no accreditation running testing for AAS as it doesn't exist in the real world.

I'm legitimately having an issue finding your question, if there was one, and I'm sorry. Though, yes, I'm saying that if you doubt the quality of the gear go and get it tested, be it by Jano or elsewhere. People seem to forget that they're buying black market hormones from underground labs, where mostly ALL participants are circumventing either governmental laws, workplace laws, or both. This type of hobby doesn't breed a 100% fail safe transaction/product 100% of the time. If you aren't comfortable with other users anecdotal reviews, other users blood tests, other users lab tests (or the entity doing them), or the sources purity results, then you're more than welcome to do your own and if any issues arise I'm hopeful that source would share the same call to duty that SoCo has. It's 100% your right and no one here would bat an eye that you did it, they'd be grateful.

The point is, there's inherent risk. We can do everything we can to minimize it but there is no perfect world that our, extra curricular activities, can take place in.

Original_Gainz....did you tell Jano it was a blend when you sent it off for testing, or did you he find out after the first test was ran and reported.

What carrier oil was this.

If it was a clear oil like MCT or Mig840, did it have any yellow tint to it at all like you would associate with a low concentration tren product.

I mean as far as AAS goes, you got a product with little more kick to it bumping up the anabolic rating a bit.

I’ve used Dark Matter Labs and HunterPharm ever since starting self diagnosed TRT. I take 150mg/week split in two doses without AI which has been a good routine. Since switching to SoCo’s Test E 250mg/mL Mig, I’ve lost weight while gaining a little fat. I know bloodwork will be necessary to check if the stuff he provided is good. I’ve also not been as strong as I usually am in the gym. Here’s a side by side photo of two vials I bought at the same time from SoCo.

The one I’ve been using doesn’t have the same yellow tint as the other full vials. It may be just because there isn’t as much in the vial. What color should these be?


@waterbottle1258 Blood work or lab tests would absolutely be necessary to levy claims on a sources potency, as you can't simply go off of just 'feels' or how it looks. The specific incident the thread is addressing has been resolved to our understanding. If you're lodging a new complaint, please follow site guidelines in reference to pertinent information and creating an official source complaint thread, or contacting the moderators at

If anyone has further questions regarding this incident or others, feel free to reach out to the modmail as well. Thanks.

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