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SRx Labs

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Just placed my second order with SRx and I can’t say much besides out-fucking-standing

First order took 48 hrs from the time I placed the order until it arrived
I’m expecting the same for the second but wouldn’t be upset if they needed a few more hours? even then it would still be lightning fast

So far finishing week 2 of my Test E cycle and I can say there is no PIP at all, slammed
500mg (2ml) each of the first two injs and still had no pain after, they use a smooth carrier and top quality gear to go along with lightning fast delivery, I wouldn’t go anywhere else nor would I need to with the service SRx is offering.

Ive ran a handful of their products with solid results and no pip or crashing gear. Anecdotally srx is great. T/A 3 day always. One issue with usps but thats usps not their same day shipping.

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