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SRx M-Tren

On my fifth day. Attempting to out eat it.

Shit is the real deal. I tolerate methylated compounds really well, as far as I can tell, but started taking 500mg of tudca a day just to be sure. Dosing 200 to 500mcg a day so far. SubQ on rest days, IM on lifting days.

The strength boost is hard to explain---I feel like it's more pronounced on higher rep stuff than heavy sets, but it's there either way. This might be completely false, but I feel like it's made me stronger on pushes than pulls? Maybe that's in my head or because of other factors.

Running it over a cruise dose (150mg) of test, and no sides that I can speak of so far other than waking up earlier than usual (same thing happened to me on regular Tren.) Also, I seem to kind of crash? around bedtime, which is 5-6 hours after I inject it typically. Suits me fine.

Very pleased, will report back after I'm finished with it. Feel like this is gonna be a bomb diggity way to finish my current 20 week blast.

Also---forgot to mention, most pronounced effect in the gym so far is very very quick recovery between sets.

this might be a redundant question/common knowlege already but dose it fuck with your cardio/conditioning capacity like tren a would at all?

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