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SoCo TestP/Mast P review

So, trying something simple this go around. Just using 50mg ED of SoCo's Test P200 and Mast P200 each. I've only been using for about 2 weeks but so far it's been outstanding. Strength is up a little, endurance is much improved, bodyweight hasn't changed but I look and feel a little leaner. The biggest one for me is that I feel head and shoulders better than any of my previous blasts.

I had always avoided mast due to hair concerns but I decided to say to heck with it and give it a shot. Man this is outstanding. I know lots of guys consider proviron and mast basic subs for one another but I can unequivocally say that is not the case for me.

I plan to bump to 60mg ED next week go for 12 weeks total then cruise. I may (MAY) add 40mg of daily tbol the final 4 weeks because it's an oral I've been curious about for a while.

Anyways, just wanted to add my initial impressions for the 2 products. Thank you SoCo.

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