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[Source Complaint] AusChemLab / sdmonster (20/11/19) SOURCE REMOVED

Made an Australian domestic order with sdmonster / auschemlab and have messaged him several times and not received any response from him via email or wickr in a week. Only response I got from him was the automatic one confirming my order and that payment had been received but any inquiries into it have been ignored.

Mods will reach out for contact and follow up with this post. Please allow until Friday, 11/22 for a response

@Tambov00 He replied to us via midmcil that he would reach out. Has he done so?

(11-24-2019, 08:22 PM)CaptainAmerica Wrote: @Tambov00 He replied to us via midmcil that he would reach out. Has he done so?

5 Days ago he replied to my wickr saying he has received my order and is processing now, also received an order update saying my orals have been shipped (only 1 out of 6 items was an oral) I messaged him back asking when will the injectables be shipped out and he hasn't responded in 5 days.

So I received the one oral I ordered, the five injectables still havn't been shipped. Going on 2 weeks now domestic, havn't had a response to wickr messages or emails for 7 days.

Received a tracking number for the oil shipment 9 days ago, when looking up the tracking number it says its an express post service (overnight) but it has had zero updates and has not been scanned yet. Meaning it has not actually been shipped. No response from auschemlab via email or wickr when asked.

Still no response from auschemlab, 1 month since ordering now. Domestic order.

Still no pack and no response from source.

We have been in contact with this user and have tried to contact the source through our means. They are unresponsive and hence, have been removed from SST. This is not the first instance for this source. Announcement also made.

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