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[Source Complaint] Sasquatch Labs 3/15/19

I placed an order with Dino on February 24th. His communication was excellent while waiting for my bitcoin to clear.

On March 6th I had still not received my pack so I asked for a tracking number. No response to this email. I emailed again the next day and Dino finally got back to me saying that my pack had never been sent but he would ship it out that day and provide a tracking code shortly. I have not heard from him since March 7th despite multiple attempts to get this new tracking code from him.

Im pretty sure I read that he was taking a week to restock. Im not sure nor do i have anything to do with/never have sourced them, just passing along what I read [disclaimer].

These past few weeks he's been a bit slower than his usual Amazon responses and T/A. I've thrown thousands of dollars at Dino over 8 packs since hes been around; he'll come through I'm sure. To maintain such stellar service for such an extended period of time it was bound to slow a bit eventually.

@Sasquatch Labs

I'm sure he will do you right. This man is notoriously busy and sometimes shit slips through the cracks or he gets backed up. I will be checking this thread consistently

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