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[Source Complaint] Sherlock Labs (11/27/2019) - RESOLVED

I placed an order and paid 10/22.

I received a package on 11/10, which contained none of the chemicals I ordered. The objective value of the chemicals I received is much less than I had paid, but the value to me specifically is zero since I have no use for them. I sent an email explaining the situation that same day. Emails were traded back and forth.

The last email I received was on 11/15, which was a promise to sort things out.

The last email I sent was on 11/20, inquiring about progress.

As of today:

I haven't heard from source in 12 days.
Five weeks has elapsed since the order was placed and paid.
I have lost most of my optimism for a desirable outcome.

The mod team have reached out to this source and will follow up accordingly. Please allow until the end of the week (10-29) for a response.

Please Email me again with your information I will remedy the problem immediately.

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The issue I had with Sherlock Labs has come to an amiable conclusion. I have received a package today and am satisfied with the contents.

Thanks to the moderators for their help and thanks to Sherlock Labs for coming though.

Thank you for the update!


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