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[Source] Monkey King Anabolics Intro

I’m MK. I’d like to discuss the key points to my company and be fully transparent.
1.) We ship from China
2.) We have stealth that will pass any country’s customs
3.) All products we sell are HPLC tested and mass spectrometered for chemical structure. Lab tests are posted on the website
4.) Shipping TA is on average 10 days or less
5.) We only accept crypto currency unless you email us asking specifically for a western union receiver
6.) We sell finished products and Raws
7.) Emails will receive a response in 12 hrs or less
8.) We have badass custom vials our quality products come in
9.) We offer $100 credit for lab tests(we don’t give credit for labmax tests) first test posted will receive a $500 store credit
10.) No minimum order
11.) We ship to all countries
12.) native English speaking customer service
13.) raws price match of any competitor

We are here to serve SST through our quality products and excellent customer service. In the spirt of being fully transparent I will say this. I am one of the owners of Purple Panda. I’m starting this company to due to the fact that I want to have my own company separate from my business partner who owns Panda with me. Panda and MK will operate as separate entities. Please don’t email the Panda email with MK questions, they will be ignored, same with emailing the MK email with Panda questions. These are two separate companies.

All emails sent to the MK email will be answered by a native English speaking person for the best customer service experience possible.

We are running a promo for the first month we are open to give customers a chance to experience our products and customer service. Use the promo code: SST15 at checkout for a 15% discount off your order.

Now I’m sure you guys have 100 questions so please fire away

email: [email protected]

www. Monkeykinganabolic .com

*** First 15 orders will receive 2 extra vials of test e or c at no extra charge(customers choice which testosterone, please leave the kind of testosterone you want in the comments section)***

will the orals be caps or tabs? and has anyone posted the bloodwork yet or is the 500 still up for grabs. hows the reship policy, same as ppl?

(04-01-2019, 11:02 AM)darkdays Wrote: will the orals be caps or tabs? and has anyone posted the bloodwork yet or is the 500 still up for grabs. hows the reship policy, same as ppl?

They are tablets. No one has posted bloods yet. Free reship to the states

10~ days to the us? This real ?

(04-02-2019, 11:01 PM)Tacojose Wrote: 10~ days to the us? This real ?
Finished products is around 10 days or less. Raws are 11 days on average


Are the 500$ credit for the first labtest still open? I'am contemplating a raws order to europe and having at least one substance labtested. Also is there still a promo code or giveaway for raws running? Always hard to bite the bullet on unverified sources…

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