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[Source] Pharmaceutical Grade Anabolics - - Canada Domestic

(12-29-2019, 11:48 PM)RexHoles Wrote:
(12-28-2019, 09:30 PM)bardagamur Wrote:
(12-27-2019, 06:48 PM)RexHoles Wrote: Another bad experience someone has had with Global Pharma Anavar:

You suckers can keep trusting PGA!

That just looks like you posted that there. You can call me a sucker if you like but I have used the global pharma anavar on more than one cycle and it is definitely the real deal. My physique is proof. It's too bad you've blacklisted yourself from a source that sells legit pharmaceutical grade items too. PGA is a great source to have and if this raw thing in china goes into effect, he may be the only supplier around and now you won't have access to him, slow clap!

Haha you're about as bright as the tip of my cock if you think I posted that. Keep buying fake orals, I don't give a hot shit. As far as pharma grade products there's a million other sources out there for half the price. "Slow Clap" My Global Pharma Anavar is on its way to the DEA backed testing lab as we speak.

Let's see a picture of you then smart guy! I bet you're a 170lb alcoholic dad bod "slow clap".

While we're at it, where are these reputable tests you speak of?

As far as pharma grade, please I want to know what Canadian source is offering pharma items that pga does at half the price and no risk of seizure because it's Canadian domestic?

First order through a source on sst. Global pharma test cyp and pharma tech cialis. The cialis works well.
I used 250mg 1 ampoule per week global test cyp. Bloodwork done 2 days after taking 3rd ampoule


Sorry dunno how to upload image and dont know exact levels cuz lab has cut of at 52. But 8-29 normal range and I am over 52 at 250mg per week product seems good to go

Oops edited post can anyone tell me how to enter link? Trying to put pic of bloods but does not show


Hi all new to group just reading through this thread seems to be a lot of bad blood or just bullshit going on? Was looking for a new source but very apprehensive.

Does PGA only sell on this board? Any where else have reviews.

@PGAnabolics I have always supported you but why are you selling genetec products now? Your other line ups are good but...

Got another package delivered with 50 pharma test amps and some other items. Packaging was superb this time and everything is accounted for.
Blood test results also came in on 1g EW of test from the previous batch of amps, putting me at over 4k ng/dL.

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