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[Source] Pharmaceutical Grade Anabolics - - Canada Domestic

(03-27-2020, 11:25 PM)Thisissparta Wrote: Hi. Currently shipping due to covid or closed?

We are open, but I believe you already placed your order few days back lol.


So as I had stated before, we'll be giving out 30 units free of charge.

SYN Pharma Test Cyp x5 (10ml 250mg)
SYN Pharma Test Enth x5 (10ml 250mg)
Pharma Tech Labs Nolvadex x5 (100 count 20mg)
Pharma Tech Labs Test Enth x5 (10ml 250mg)
Global Pharma Test Cyp x3 (10 amps 250mg)
Global Pharma Test Enth x3 (10 amps 250mg)
Global Pharma Clomid x2 (90 count 25mg)
Global Pharma Clomid x2 (90 count 20mg)


I'd like to first and foremost, let you all know that I am not taking full credit for this. I requested Global Pharma. , SYN Pharma and Pharma Tech to participate in this, and they all agreed, and charged me half of my usual cost in all these items. So with that being said, this is a joint effort by myself and them.

As for participation, all I ask is that you do not participate if you're not in need. I'll be limiting this to 1 unit per member. When ordering please choose a 2nd unit incase this item you want is already gone when ordering. You do not have to purchase other products from me in order to obtain the free item. If you need 1 vial of Test E, so be it.You just cover the shipping fee. Whether you'd like to order more items from us and receive one of the items above as a free unit is at your discretion.

If you would like to participate please place your order via or use and email me details with your order # and desired free units.

Please keep this for Canadians only, as I'd like to be certain that the item gets to the person placing the order 100%.

Thank you all and I know this isn't much, but I hope it helps a little bit.

This is a very nice offer to the community. Thank you to PG and it's suppliers for making this happen. Cheers!

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