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Southern Compounding Test C Labs


Blood Work Review
Link to blood work : // //
Source : // @SouthernCompounding //
Running testosterone : // Yes //
Ester : // Cypionate //
Weekly dosage : // 400mg //
Product(s) run other than test : // N/A //
Weekly dosage(s) : // N/A //
Number of weeks run : // 12 //
Draw time after last pin : // ~94hrs //
Blood Results
Test reading in ng/dL : // <1500 //
Test multiplier : // Unknown //
Capped at >1500 : // Yes //
E2 reading : // 129.0 //
Liver/lipids elevated : // No //

Hey guys, I fucked up and didn't order an uncapped lab but I wanted to share anyways as this is my first ever on-cycle blood work.

I don't expect store credit as I fucked up the lab and I'm not a super consistent poster, but I did want to share.

Here's my first ever hormone panel taken right before this cycle to establish a baseline:

As you can see some of my values were sky-fuck high and even though I changed nothing in my diet or workout regimen, just started shooting 200mg Test C on Mon & Thurs, those values stabilized. Idk what SOCO put in his Test C but my shit looks significantly better than before lol

This may not be the place for me to ask, but it looks like my E2 got pretty damn high but I don't have spicy nips or anything so I haven't taken any AI's during the cycle.

I plan on starting 20mg nolvadex ed 6w after my last pin but should I potentially start sooner?

Anyways, thanks y'all for reading and @SouthernCompounding for giving me some good shit.

Still looks good man! I got capped my first time aswell.

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