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Southern Compounding issue - RESOLVED

(12-08-2019, 04:08 PM)09370z Wrote: any update on this?

@09370z still nothing from @SouthernCompounding .

Thats odd. Hopefully he gets back to you soon man. Im sure he will

(12-08-2019, 10:18 PM)09370z Wrote: Thats odd. Hopefully he gets back to you soon man. Im sure he will

I have faith they will. I’m not here to bust his chops, I’m reporting it on this board because I feel like my voice wasn’t being heard. I waited a month to report it here.

I know things come up and SC had personal stuff. As a sensible human, I was expecting a reply back in 24 when he stated it through email on 11/28. Heck maybe even 72 hours later. If they couldn’t fulfill the order due to stock, maybe just tell me and I’d switch things up. I’m willing to work with them.

Just like anyone else, being ignored after paying someone a month ago really does sting a bit. Makes you lose faith in the community. But again, I have faith they’ll do right by me. I’m just posting it here because maybe someone else is going through the same situation and they’re afraid to speak up.


Sources from all over have been slacking /disappearing.

(12-09-2019, 03:44 AM)Musclehead34 Wrote: Sources from all over have been slacking /disappearing.

@Musclehead34 true. But I know he’s still operating since there’s been recent reviews on the T/A section.


All I can ask is that you sit tight. You may have been waiting over a month in total, but so far you haven't even given him the weekend to communicate when you've even mentioned your knowledge of his personal issues currently. SoCo normally responds to my wickr within minutes, and it took him the better part of 3 days for him to reach me back personally because of the sheer volume of back up he has, or the absolute constraint on time this personal issue has caused.

Just thinking about things logically, or sensibly as you put it, I'd assume that if shit was hitting the fan in a sources personal life, and customers we're clambering through my thread saying this is unusual all the while the source is visibly digging through emails, I'd say your communication is probably nearing the top of the pile. The source has been in contact with the mod team and there is absolutely no reason as of this moment to think they're 'disappearing'.

Any luck getting in touch with SoCo?

(12-10-2019, 02:36 PM)09370z Wrote: Any luck getting in touch with SoCo?

He messaged me yesterday(12/10) and apologized. He offered a resolution to the issue and I’m still waiting for it to happen.


The mod team has been in contact with the source and a full refund has been issued to the customer. If there are any more concerns, please contact the mod team directly at

This issue is considered resolved.

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