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Sparta Nolvadex

Usually I wouldn’t use an ai or serm from ugl as pharma stuff is as cheap and More consistent, however I just added nolva to a few orders because I had the credit for on cycle gyno prevention.

I’m currently on a cruise dose of test (150mg) and tren E, I was getting minor sensitivity after I added the tren as expected.

I started the Sparta Nolva, 1 pill/day and for a week the sensitivity did not go away. I had some Indian pharma Nolva left over so I switched and the sensitivity went away and hasn’t been back since.

Since he does not issue batch numbers on orals I can offer no other information than these are from when they were pressing bone pills. I would get these tested by Jano but, again, the lack of batch numbers makes analysis not very informative for other buyers

I would urge others who have the bone pressed nolvadex to go Ahead and switch to a pharmacy product and would also encourage Sparta/Fusion merger to add batch numbers to their orals so customers could group together and test batches when less than favorable anecdotes appear


Are you sure your sensitivity was estrogen related? Tren, being a progesterone, shouldn't give you estrogen related sensitivity and therefore nolvadex wouldn't fix the symptoms. Nolvadex can actually make side effects from progesterone and prolactin WORSE as shown in some studies.

Not saying the product is or isn't legit based on that, just food for thought.

@king_geno I am sure. If you read my review you will see:

-I started taking Sparta Nolva and sensitivity stayed
-I switched, at a later date (implying better blood saturation) to pharma Nolva and the sensitivity went away

All my other supplements stayed constant throughout this trial so it’s the close to controlled I could get.

Tren just binds to the prog receptor but it isn’t reduced into it so the sensitivity would be created by estrogen mediated sides that are exasperated but your body’s response to a more stimulated prog receptor. The prolactin level shouldn’t increase because there isn’t a physical creation of more, the receptors are just more stimulated, so by stopping estrogen at the mammaries you should experience a lowered side effect profile

*note you’ll still have the progesterone sides but those are unrelated to breast tissue and more preparing you for laceration. I do NOT expect Nolva to clear those up, but luckily I also am not prone to those, just the increase in estrogen sensitivity from a more stimulated prog receptor

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