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Synergy Forge -- Test-E, Anadrol, EQ, Aromasin

Currently running 630 mgs/630 mgs of test/EQ a week with 100 mgs of anadrol ED. Frontloaded the the test and and EQ about two weeks ago.

Test-E: MCT oil, very clean gear, minor PIP but subsides within 2 days, noticeable changes in "wellness" and aggression, starting to a bit of acne on my upper back again (as expected).

EQ: No complaints. VERY noticeable increase in appetite/hunger, cardio is through the roof, work capacity increased. I ALWAYS frontload EQ, and this is the first source where I've noticed the EQ affect me in such a short time. Zero PIP when I frontloaded 2000 mgs of EQ the first week.

Anadrol: Blood pressure increased, shoulders are blowing up, hit two PRs on squat/bench.

Aromasin: Running 12.5 mgs three times a week. No itchy nipples, boners are still rock hard, zero lethargy. Probably means my E2's dialed in. Will confirm with bloods in 3-4 weeks.

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