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Synergy Forge Test E & Proviron

I forgot that I hadn't posted an anecdotal review earlier, but I guess now I have the advantage of getting to support my anecdote with bloodwork (

I ordered several different compounds during Synergy's opening sale: Test E, Mast E, EQ, Proviron, Anavar, and Aromasin. The Mast and EQ were for a friend's future cycle, so I can't comment on them yet. The Test pinned smooth, and I didn't seem to have any adverse reaction to the MCT oil. I injected 200mg (0.66ml) on Mondays and Thursdays. I could definitely tell it was working after a few weeks, with a good sense of well-being, energy, healthy aggression, and of course, gains in the gym. I was working outside all day doing manual labor in the July/August heat, then dragging my ass to the gym for what almost always turned into a great session.

About 6 weeks in, I started taking 50mg per day of SF's Proviron. It made me noticeably more dry, increased my sense of well-being, and boosted my libido a bit. It might have played a role in masking symptoms of my high E2 as well, because I was feeling and functioning well with 140pg/ml of estradiol in me. Purely speculating on that though.

@Synergy Forge packs his orders nicely, labels his products well, and makes some real nice tablets. Out of 10+ packets of tabs, only one had serious problems with breakage/crumbling; one tablet had completely disintegrated to dust inside the packet, and another was ground down to a little nub about 25% the size of the other tabs (this was in the same packet of Proviron). Otherwise, the other packs of Proviron, Aromasin, and Anavar I ordered all look good. Based on the ordering experience, the quality of his gear, and the way I've observed him interacting with the community, I'll definitely be ordering from Synergy Forge again.

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