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Troubling Bloodwork

So got CBC e2 Test etc dome yesterday

Everything is extremely good besides e2, being <5 (apparently 1mg Arimidex day before l, and that being the only one I’ve taken in weeks tanked my estrogen), and secondly my blood sugar

I got a Blood glucose reading of 76mg/dL on a scale of 65-99

The troubling part is that I ate an entire McDonald’s meal (2 haabrowns, orange juice, sausage biscuit) about 30 mins prior to my drawing.
I have suspected for a while I have been dealing with low blood sugar, but this almost nearly confirms it for me.

Tren causes me to go hypoglycemic nearly all the time and is insanely uncomfortable

Any opinions? I can’t see how 76mg/dL is normal after eating such a heavy carb meal.

Unlikely but maybe there wasnt enough time for it to get into your bloodstream?

One blood test tells you not much. But it sounds like you have some issues, you need to test yourself for like a week. Every morning, before a meal, right after a meal, 1h after the meal, etc. Keep the results.

Get a cheap glucose meter from your local walmart/pharmacy, those twenty bucks are wisely spent.

Low e2 makes me go hypoglycemic, especially in the morning. Not sure what's causing it when you're on tren but that may explain this result.

You cant bro science this. Get off gear, pct, reset. Figure out your medical situation (if you have one) and fix the issues before your next cycle. Get pre bloods as well so you have something to compare to. We can’t diagnose exactly what’s going on. Good luck

Dude buy a blood glucose meter, super cheap and easy. Measure before your meal and every 15 min after for 2-3 hours and record every number. Then you'll have a very clear picture of how your blood sugar is working. Just have to prick your finger a bunch lol. That thing was invaluable when I was on GH without any insulin.

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