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What do I ask to get tested for bloodwork

I’m planning to do my very first cycle this winter (500mg test a week). So I want to get pre-cycle bloodwork.

What do I ask my doctor to test for?

Also my doctor thinks I’m a drug seeker because I asked him about TRT. I’d rather just do the bloodwork without asking him, Can I just go directly to say lab Corp? Or do I need a doctors order for bloodwork?

There is private blood work out there. Unsure of the sites, somebody will chime in to help you for sure. I know it's common, you basically pick what you want online and then go in person to the lab to get it drawn. This is assuming you're in the US.

Also, you can always just go to a walk in clinic and say you haven't gotten blood work done for many years and want to get certain things tested because you've "been feeling like crap for a while now". You aren't stuck with this one dr. douche for the rest of your life

Just use privatemdlabs. You also need a new doctor if that's the kind of shit you get for posing a (potentially) legitimate healthcare question - totally unacceptable attitude regarding patient quality of life.

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