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What do I need to ask for when to get bloods checked?

So I'm planning on waiting another week or two to get my bloods checked. I already get blood drawn for accutane once a month but I doubt the dermatologist is looking for the same type of stuff we want to check when drawing blood.

My question is what do I ask? Obviously I don't want to say " hey I'm running test from an UGL and want to get my shit checked". Just wondering what you guys do. Thanks!

Get bloods done through a private lab is best

(05-17-2019, 01:36 PM)yelruP Wrote: Get bloods done through a private lab is best

I second this. I get mine done here.

i wonder if getting stuff like grit checked at a normal lab is fine and just have hormones checked via private. the one in canada charges 300$ per kit. pretty steep

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