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What's the mod email to send screenshots to

I was wrong about the dates I'm on day 8 after payment of no response.


8 days oh man you shoulda got yer shiz that same day bro bro bro

Unfortunately UGL isn't amazon prime, some sources fill orders fast, others take two weeks before they even ship the product.

Every year I have a few packs that take up to two months before they arrive.

I’m on week 5 with payment received, to obtain a missing item. And after years of being on this forum since the Reddit days this is my first post.

(02-13-2020, 12:23 AM)Booger Wrote: 8 days oh man you shoulda got yer shiz that same day bro bro bro

It wouldn't be such a problem but no response when she's usually the same day. Plus my last order was 2 months. That's outta control eroids suppliers from gd Iraq are fast than this and we know it. Shit is time privy when it already been paid for by others. What company do you know in the entire world that can't respond in 9 days?

All inquiries to the mod staff should be directed to

As of this moment I'm not sure what exactly the issue is pertaining to this specific thread, so if you've just now sent an email that hasn't already been addressed, please give us a chance to address it.

I appreciate everyone's patience with me, for realz.

Also, am going to close this thread due to lack of specificity, please edit your OP and tag me if you provide more details following pinned forum rules and I'll open it. All others, if you have a specific issue that doesn't apply to the above, please stick to the forum rules and take the appropriate course of action. Just trying to keep things organized.

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