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Where’s Pippy!?!

I’m not getting my regular dose of humor from the @alphaproject bashing that usually takes place on the daily.... what’s the deal?

Watch some netflix stand up comedies instead.

(09-13-2019, 04:40 AM)alphaproject Wrote: Watch some netflix stand up comedies instead.

But Netflix comedians are actually self aware so it's not as comical. I was upset maybe we accidentally hazed you into silence.

@alphaproject If you Post a tutorial on how to pin your forearms, we will all let you be for good. I think @Primobro can agree on that as well.

I think that’s an excellent idea... we get a forearm tutorial we’re all set... no more bullshit.

@Primobro @Masterofron not going to lie @alphaproject could put in a little formatting effort and time and probably make the most extensive anti pip guide the internet has seen.

No shit you could flip the script and shit on people who get pip after your guide. I vote forearm tut + pip guide = full redemption and some

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