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Why do sources ask for exact amount of btc you send?

I've always wondered this. Several of my sources have asked for a screenshot, while others just ask for the exact amount sent. Does it just make confirmation of payment easier? Is it for OPSEC purposes?

I’m not a source but I think it's due to crypto currency fluctuations. $100 could be 0.019 bitcoin one day and 0.025 or 0.01 bitcoin the next day. This way they can identify your purchase more easily and confirm your transaction with the hundreds of other transactions they may have received that day. Also helps them make sure you sent the full amount, some people think the source covers the transfer fees and this is not the case with most sources.

I think it's because they have more than you sending so they need to know who paid and who didnt.

In all honesty it does not help at all but I used to ask anyway before I automated my payment portal. A lot of guys would tell me they sent say .4123 when it reality they sent something like .4101 because fees.

99% of us will use a unique wallet address for each customer and personally I would tag that wallet with a specific identification for each customer so I knew exactly when you paid - how much - what time - and $ amount. I never actually needed any information aside from shipping info because I saw your payment and moved you into the "paid" section before you even told me that you paid. The main reason why I asked is if on the off chance that either I or YOU fucked up and sent coins to wrong person or I forgot to tag your wallet address.

Out of 100 orders I think I needed that info 2 times.
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