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Winter Pharm Tren E / Superdrol

Both bunk or severely under-dosed.

Superdrol: I ran for four weeks. First two weeks at 20 mg, last two weeks at 30 mg. Literally noticed nothing. No crazy pumps, strength gains, or lethargy. The usual suspects you’d expect from Superdrol. I’m currently on epistane and can immediately tell It’s working from strength gains, vascularity, etc... night and day. You would think good Superdrol would trump epistane in terms of strength gains but I did not feel a thing on his Superdrol.

Tren E: I swapped to WP’s Tren E from a previous source. My previous tren was great, it me a 3D/grainy look. I could barely got any sleep, 3 hours if I was lucky. On 700 MG on WP’s tren e, I’ve lost that ‘tren look’ and am sleeping like a baby again.

Not sure if the man got some bad raws or something. My batch was ordered in mid July.

Just buy your own raws and brew it.

Superdrol can be purchased for $5.40gram

Tren is around the same price.

At the doses you were taking you should have experienced some side effects and strength gains. Just isn't any way you did 700mg of tren and didn't feel that shit.

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