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dumb newb question about bitcoin

I haven't yet made a crypto transaction (waiting for cash app verification) so this is all very alien to me. I was wondering how vendors "charge" in BTC when the exchange rate is always fluctuating and there is a delay between the order and confirmation mail for address and payment.

The vendor gives you an exact amount in the crypto with which you intend to pay. You should pay in a timely manner after you're given the amount to avoid inflation / deflation.

Yeah just make sure you plan everything correctly and always buy more Cypto than you expected to spend cause there is fees involved and Cypto is always changing.

Man, I'm having the same issue. I used moneygram before and this time I looked to buy through a source using bitcoin. I've been going crazy trying to buy all kinds of different things, but it all takes several days to clear or I only have 100$ available instantly. This shit is annoying man.

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