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low dose Masteron Bloodwork

Don't experiment before a competition you could really screw up your event.

What Mast will do is basically free up your test as the DHT binds to your SHBG.

It will serve as a slight AI.

Negatives could be that the DHT elevates your rbcs to the point that you have too much blood and get headaches.

Having a high hct isn't going to help you that much and it's more likely to hurt your performance.

TRT at 250 is on the high side for most guys, your hct is probably already elevated, DHT like Masteron will bump up your hct more because DHT is a much more powerful androgen than testosterone and doesn't have to go through any conversion, it has a direct impact on erythrocyte production.

Don't go overboard on anything before you compete, there's nothing worse than screwing up everything because you took too much stuff and now you feel like shit or you're off your game.

Also keep in mind that DHT will dry you out, you might get joint pain, you don't want that in a fighting sport.

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